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Select Records and President Fred Munao are often hailed as one of the pioneers of rap and hip hop in the country. If you don't believe us, take a look at these old school Select releases.

Whistle- One of the only rap groups to have hit records as a singing group. "Whistle", " Transformation ", " Always and Forever ", " Get the Love ", and the " Best of Whistle ".

UTFO- The group that took the answer record to new heights. One of the early influential groups in hip-hop. " UTFO ", " Skeezer Pleezer ", " Lethal ", " Doin It ", and " Hits ".

Chubb Rock- With over 1 million units shipped, and 4 #1 Rap singles, Chubb Rock's influence cannot be overlooked or ignored. "Chubb Rock" f/ Hitman Howie Tee ", " And the Winner Is..." , " The One ", " I Gotta Get Mine Yo ", and " The Mind ".

Kid N Play- Known for bringing hip hop to the mainstream and certified platinum with close to 2 million units sold. " 2 Hype ", " Funhouse ", " Face the Nation ", and the House Party soundtracks.

The Real Roxanne- The most talented and well produced of the Roxanne alias's that appeared shortly after the UTFO single, "Roxanne, Roxanne", "The Real Roxanne ", and " Go Down, But Don't Bite It ".


M.O.P.- The popular, ageless duo that spawned the classic single, "How About Some Hardcore". " To the Death ".

The Jerky Boys- Legendary platinum pranksters that launched a genre and generation of phone call based advertising. With unforgettable characters and memorable quotes, The Jerky Boys pushed the envelope of comedy. " Jerky Boys ", " Jerky Boys 2 ", " The Best of the Jerky Boys ", and the " Ultimate Jerky Boys Collection ".

AMG- One of the original and legendary playas and certified gold artist. " Bitch Betta Have My Money ".




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